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This cantle bag is small enough to fit nicely  behind the cantle of your saddle but has enough room to hold a couple bottles of water. It measures 12
Small Red Cantle Bag 
Item # 105132  $129.95

Red Chap Leather Horn Wraps are cut by us in our saddle shop. They are 1-3/4
Red Chap Leather Horn Wrap 
Item # 105174  $20.00

Our Red Bucking Roll matches our Red Horn Wrap and our Red Cantle Bags. We make the best bucking rolls available.
Red Bucking Roll 
Item # 105173  $95.00

Includes 18oz. Bed Tarp with our 1
TIPS Bedroll Full Set Up 18oz. 
Item # 1518  $275.00

Our 55' Cotton ropes have a honda tied in them and a speed burner installed in them for you. A rawhide or steel honda nay be added. These ropes will last longer than nylon. Also available with a turks head and no hondo.
5/16 Cotton 5 Strand tied hondo w/speed burner 
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Custom Chinks by TIPS. # colors of brown leather with 10
3 Tone Step-in Chinks 
Item # 105801  $990.00

Our med. size Turquoise Bucking Roll will help you stay in the saddle. Easy to install. See our matching horn wraps.
Turquoise Bucking Roll 
Item # 5894  $95.00

We offer Turquoise horn wrapping as well as Pink, Mule Hide, Latigo, and Elk horn wrapping. All are cut to a generous length.
Item # 18401  $20.00

Match our Turquoise Cantle Bag with our Turquoise Bucking Rolls and our Turquoise Horn Wraps. Standard size Cantle bag is 19
Turquoise Cantle Bag 
Item # 105038  $139.95

This blue rope is 100% nylon and is becoming one of our best sellers. Available in 40', 50' and 60'in lays xxsoft,xsoft,soft,and msoft. Single ropes usually ship via USPS
3/8 scant Blue Nylon 3 strand 
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This Red Wing Farm and Ranch boot is made in the USA. It feathers leather welts and leather lining. It has a Electrical Hazard rating. The sole is a wedge foam sole for your comfort.
Red Wing Pecos Farm and Ranch Boot SALE SALE 
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Basket Weave Chestnut hand tooled credit card wallet with a very strong magnet money clip on the back. This wallet has 4 pockets for extra cars, money or business cards. Easily fits in shirt pocket or front pocket. 27/8
Magnet Money Clip Credit Card Wallet MADE USA 
Item # 778  $74.95

Won Pads are made of wool felt with a neoprene rubber bottom. They are available in 1
Won Pad Flex vent Round (MADE IN USA) 
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Wool is all natural, tough, looks great and is absorbent. Will absorb 80 percent of its weight and continue to breath. Machine washable. Wicks heat and sweat from your horses back.
WoolBack Pads 
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Elk hide horn wrap is our most popular horn wrap. Elk hide is easier on your rope and it has more grab than Mule hide.Elk hide horn wraps are easy to put on without wetting them. Normally ships via USPS.
Elk Hide Horn Wrap (MADE IN USA) 
Item # 1751  $20.00

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